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Jane Barnett, registered Osteopath

helping your body help itself

Osteopaths concentrate on creating the circumstances that will allow you to manage the effects of a condition, rather than on ‘curing’ it.

Osteopathic treatment to help you manage some of the long term effects of asthma is a good example of this indirect approach.  There is no evidence that Osteopathy can stop or help with your asthma, but I can work on some of the joint stiffness and muscle tightness that asthma can cause.

Many people however, do come to see me to ask for help with particular conditions.  I will always tell you how likely it is that I can help you.  I will explain whether my work is more useful in helping you to manage your situation or whether I can work directly on your problem. 

If you feel a direct approach would suit you, have a look at the links on this page for information about conditions I may be able to help you with.