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Jane Barnett, registered Osteopath

what happens

Your first conversation with me will involve a brief screening to make sure it's safe for you to attend the clinic in person in relation to Covid-19.  Then, whether we've booked you in for an in-person appointment or one online, the session will be similar.

On your first visit, I’ll be taking a detailed case history including a medical history.  Then, depending on the location of the problem, I usually make a full examination of your spine or the region where there’s pain.  If your consultation is for reasons other than pain we will discuss this.

If necessary I'll perform some simple neurological tests, or check your breathing or blood pressure.  It would help if you could wear loose clothing, or shorts and a tee shirt if you prefer.  These procedures differ between online and in-person appointments and these differences will be explained to you.  The case history taking and examination usually takes up most of the time of your first session.

If you're visiting the clinic in person, you’re welcome to bring a friend or relative with you into the treatment room if it makes you feel more comfortable.  We'll discuss Covid-19 screening for them in our first phone call. 

At the end of the first consultation/examination I'll give you a full explanation of the diagnosis and proposed treatment.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything that you don’t understand.