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Jane Barnett, registered Osteopath

Infection risk assessment and mitigation policy

This document provides a summary of the heightened infection control measures that I have put into place to ensure the safety of everyone who visits my clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic.  My full risk assessment and mitigation policy is available by email on request.

The risk assessment of my practice has been undertaken in with reference to the Institute of Osteopathy's guidance documents, ‘Infection control and PPE’ and ‘Adapting practice guide’.

I have assessed my practice for the risks outlined and put in additional processes as detailed below 

Assessment date and review criteria

  • This assessment was done on 25th May 2020
  • It will be reviewed on an ongoing basis weekly during June 2020
  • To be reviewed in the light of any changed guidance from GOsC, iO or PHE.
  • To be reviewed if any unanticipated risks arise.

Cleaning and waste disposal

A heightened cleaning, aeration and waste disposal routine based on advice from the Institute of Osteopathy will take place. This includes disinfecting and sanitising all areas of the clinic and everything which could be touched before every patient visit, aerating the clinic before and during all treatments and safely disposing of all waste.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

I will be following NHS guidelines for the use of PPE and hand hygiene. For hands-on treatment appropriate PPE will be worn and masks will be provided for clients. Hand hygiene recommendations will be followed at all times.

Streamlining the clinic environment and staff protocols to increase protection of all users

In preparation for re-opening the clinic, the following measures have been undertaken:

The clinic room, reception, corridors and toilet have been decluttered and streamlined for ease of cleaning. A separate risk assessment has been produced for Zest Physical Therapies covering reception staff and other practitioners which I have agreed to adhere to. Decisions made about overall structural and staff routines of Zest Physical Therapies are not in my hands but agreement has been made to ensure there are no contradictions between Zest policy and my own.

Measures for my own patients and clinic routines over and above the Zest policies are detailed in my full Risk Assessment and Mitigation Policy available on request.

New clinic database software

I am now using clinic database software which facilitates physical distancing and communication.

  • It provides a platform for online consultations
  • It enables the delivery of information about the new safeguarding systems instituted in the clinic
  • It delivers as standard the pre-appointment COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire to patients prior to any in-person appointments
  • It facilitates on-line payments and reduces the risks from using cash and cheques.

New physical distancing measures

I have reduced capacity to support physical distancing measures and to ensure that there will be sufficient time between patient appointments to follow the new cleaning regime.

  • There will be a 15-minute break between patient appointments
  • Patients will be encouraged to arrive promptly and maintain a 2 metre distance from other clinic users
  • I will offer online/telephone consultations as standard alternatives to in-person appointments.

Special training

I have undertaken training in the following

  • Donning and Doffing of PPE produced by Public Health England.
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) the six step technique for sanitising your hands.
  • Public Health England ‘Tier 2 Test and Trace’ training.

New online and telephone availability

I am providing the following

  • Online and telephone consultations for any patient who would prefer them, and/or for if they would be at risk by attending in person.
  • All patients due to attend the clinic will have a telephone pre-screening call prior to their appointment and will also receive an automatic COVID-19 triage questionnaire.
  • Follow-up appointments available via telephone/video call if requested.

Reviews and Changes

1st June 2020 Reviewed No changes

8th June 2020 Reviewed No changes

15th June 2020 Reviewed No changes

22nd June 2020 Reviewed No changes

29th June 2020 Reviewed No changes

31st July 2020 Reviewed No changes

31st August 2020 Reviewed (30 minute gap between appointments reduced to 15)

30th September 2020 Reviewed No changes

31st October 2020 Reviewed.  2nd lockdown announced.  No changes to protocol.